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Mouth update.... [Jun. 28th, 2009|04:41 pm]
Remember that gum infection last week?
It advanced to throbbing face pain which spread and diffused around the left side of my face during the week. Now it's gone entirely - no more achy skin, sore gum or weird pains.
The rigorous mouth care I've been giving myself's worked. =)

The weirdest thing is - my cheek opposite the site of the gum infection has a crack in it. About 8mm's long, then a 5 mm gap, then another 4mm's. Inside the crack is white cheek skin, the kind you get when you've cut your cheek with some crisps or something, I had a poke around and it bleeds really easily. I rubbed salt, and then Listerine on it to make sure I don't introduce any bacteria.

I wonder, could this have been a secondary infection site? It's been an aggressive little bug if it is. Like someone said earlier in the week - it may even have caused that headache too!

Fascinating stuff! (I don't worry about stuff like this unless there's a hole in my cheek.)