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"Lot's isn't good - lots more than someone else IS!" or "Brain-Scan Study Rewrites Economic Theory" [Feb. 20th, 2009|06:31 am]

Trying to keep up with Joneses? Why is having “enough” never quite enough for those of us living in the “rat race” of urban ideals? In an interesting new study of how money motivates, brought to us by the University of Bonn, researchers discovered that humans don’t just want “more”—we want more in comparison to others. This relative sense of “more” appears to play a much larger role in motivation that previously suspected.


[User Picture]From: wingless_kitty
2009-02-20 08:38 pm (UTC)
I skimmed through, and what i'm getting from it is that basically this was a study showing that humans are hard-wired to be competitive and greedy...

i may need to go back through and read more closely, but for now it had a tl;dr feel to it...

What i want to know is, since there's already a known correlation between testosterone and competitive behaviours, if there was a difference in this effect between males and females (or, more generally, based on testosterone levels).
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[User Picture]From: wingless_kitty
2009-02-20 08:57 pm (UTC)
Okay... i re-read the full article, and to me it seems noteworthy that "They tested male subjects in pairs, asking them to perform a simple task and promising payment for success." (emphasis added)

I still think that the phenomenon is linked to the competitive effects of testosterone on the brain. Of course, it does affect women also, but I'd hypothesize that the effect would generally be less powerful in women than in men - and even more generally, more profound in those (of any gender) with higher levels of testosterone.
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