July 30th, 2014

Hungry snail!

Ebola - Is this the one? (For the West?)

"Presenteeism" - Working when ill, together with self-denial could be the downfall of Western societies during this Ebola outbreak.
Ebola presents itself as a cold, and then bad flu before the patient is hospitalised. Bleeding from the body only happens in half the infections, so is a poor indication of Ebola.
Many workers in America do not get paid for sick days, and fear of redundancy in the UK is high - with people in denial about Ebola, they will continue working - with contagious symptoms - while they believe they have flu. Patrick Sawyer is a great example of someone with ebola denial. He continued travelling home to his daughters birthday even after showing symptoms, and even after visiting his sister's funeral - who died from Ebola.

Also - the CDC goes silent at Ebola's most active period... the July 28th update was written about information from the 23rd. A whole 7 days without updates... Before this we were getting updates every 2 to 4 days while the situation changed rapidly. (less frequent at the start of the year)
We could be up to 1600 potential infection if we extrapolate out the data.
If the infection rate has turned exponential - that could be a good reason to stop updates... to prevent panic. The CDC has done this before. It would also explain papers starting to produce headlines about possible international contagion, "But highly unlikely!"...