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December 31st, 2009

Patrick Stewart is Knighted! - Yay! [Dec. 31st, 2009|09:34 am]
"You're not married, you live alone and you don't watch Star Strek?"
"Good lord!"

Also, everything falls off... =)

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Daily fail - but! [Dec. 31st, 2009|09:52 am]

A hero dad, and an abusive mother...

The Child Support Agency goes after the Dad, who the kid has chosen to live with, to pay the mother in the way "she has become accustomed" (apparently the amount would have been the same if the kid was living with her? Who is CSA for again?). o.O

The dad and daughter are living in a caravan, and bailiffs come to take the girl's pet pony away...

Exactly what is the CSA for?

"Since it was created in 1993 the CSA has faced controversy. According to the Department for Work and Pensions a quarter of its decisions are later ruled to be 'wrong'."
Just ... wow!
Imagine how many people THAT's screwed up. =(

Some of the stories in the papers comments are just shocking... =(

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Sun Clock by Nelson Botsford. [Dec. 31st, 2009|01:47 pm]
I've updated Nelson's spiffing Yahoo!-Konfabulator Sun Clock to work as a Gadget in Windows 7.

Please comment if you download it, I'd like to know if it's been useful, and you don't have to register or anything to leave comments!

Windows 7 - Sun Clock Gadget.

1: The Sun-Clock now works offline!* You no longer need to be connected to Time.gov any more.

2: It's now a Windows 7 gadget! It's fully integrated into Windows 7.

3: Accurate updates happen every minute.

Click the image to download the gadget (80 MB's):

(*Once the file's downloaded the installer will take about 4 minutes when you click "Install", because it's a little large for a gadget.)

Still to do:

1: Make the image resizeable.
2: Optional removing border.
3: Time and date superimposed on it.
4: Whatever everyone wants.

sunclock, sun-clock, sun clock, gadget, widget
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Killer new tyres in America... [Dec. 31st, 2009|05:59 pm]

For those who don't have the time for the video... It's about the age of tyres, and that tyres over 6 years of age become flaky, and the tread can peel off on the highway, causing your car to flip and kill you.

To check the date of the tyre, look (usually) on the inside wall of the tyre (when it's fitted on a car - how out of the way?), and find the group of letters and digits...

The last group of number is the week number, and year it was made:


142 : 14th week of 1992
485 : 48th week of 1995
3103 : 31st week of 2003
4807 : 48th week of 2007

If you're buying a new tyre and it's nearly 6 years old, then DON'T buy it.
In the film, the American group responsible for warning people about tyres said the UK group " (underlined)strongly recommend a tyre isn't over 6 years old." was unjustified. Hm.......
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People post height and weight, and a picture... [Dec. 31st, 2009|06:15 pm]
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The mystery of loving vinegar... [Dec. 31st, 2009|08:00 pm]
There are some people who adore vinegar, and no one on the forums I've seen has ever had a medical reason for it.

However, I just spotted this:

Blood glucose control and diabetic management
Prior to hypoglycemic agents, diabetics used vinegar teas to control their symptoms.[15] Small amounts of vinegar (approximately 20 ml or two tablespoons of domestic vinegar) added to food, or taken along with a meal, have been shown by a number of medical trials to reduce the glycemic index of carbohydrate food for people with and without diabetes.[17][18][19] This also has been expressed as lower glycemic index ratings in the region of 30%.[20][21]

I wonder if there's been a study to see if a sample population of vinegar lovers has a higher degree of diabetes compared to the general population?

I may have found correlation!
Now, I need to find a name for it.
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—All You Zombies— [Dec. 31st, 2009|08:36 pm]
A most unusual story...

Helpful information in the cut...Collapse )

"Then I glanced at the ring on my finger.

The Snake That Eats Its Own Tail, Forever and Ever. I know where I came from—but where did all you zombies come from?

I felt a headache coming on, but a headache powder is one thing I do not take. I did once—and you all went away.

So I crawled into bed and whistled out the light.

You aren’t really there at all. There isn’t anybody but me—Jane—here alone in the dark.

I miss you dreadfully! "
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A train runs through it. [Dec. 31st, 2009|10:01 pm]
"Apparently the local council kicked the stall holders out of the old market area and built them a new one. In the mean time, the market moved to the only bit of available area ie the railway line. When the new market place opened, the rental was too high, so the market stayed on the railway line"

Surprisingly everyone moves their canopies and stalls back over the track once the train passes...

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