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November 18th, 2009

Anonymity. [Nov. 18th, 2009|05:09 am]
If you create a system whereby people are reduced to faceless credit card numbers and social security numbers valued only as profit sources for massive corporations and their openly corrupt politician enablers, don't be surprised when those people disregard you in return.

There's no one left to feel like that.

The sad thing is, everything is so separate now. I was with the Midland bank for a few years, they got us in high school with a free big red ring-binder. =D I was a member of my local branch... it was a tiny place - about the size of a van inside. The manager knew me, where I was going in life, what I was up to. I could ask for loans, and get overdrafts, always paid off my debts.

A few years out of school, it turns into HSBC. My little branch closed.

I phone one day about an overdraft... I'd been going through some unusual hard times, the lady on the phone goes "Ah, no sorry. The systems rejected your request."

"How come? Can you tell me why?"

"You've missed payments in the last two years."

"Is that all it goes back? I've been with this bank about 16 years!"

"Yes, that's all that's stored. Sorry"

From a customer with a character - proud about money and keeping out of debt, one with a long term plan, with a flawless credit history (except the last year and a half), I'd been reduced to a 2 year long statistic...

From what I see, every interaction everywhere - with services, in shops, everything commercial, all the branch autonomy has gone, it's all decided by algorithms in headquarters that some statistician's put together.

Stealing or saving - there's no person watching any-more, just systems analysing data... =(
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Earn more, get paid less... [Nov. 18th, 2009|05:44 am]
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