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November 2nd, 2009

Super short story. [Nov. 2nd, 2009|08:15 pm]
The curious occurrence at the LHC.

They didn't have a name for it back then, well they wouldn't. It had never occurred before.

It's called "Persistent Particle Wake".

It's not much in the way of names, and it doesn't even make a good acronym for the front of magazines.

While the Luddite's were all arguing about black holes appearing, and scientists were debunking each argument as it appeared, there was two facts of the experiments that no one realised would be important.

The first - the particles would be colliding consistently for an extended period of time in one tiny localised point. This doesn't happen in nature very often.

Even rarer, was the particles were entangled with each other, orbiting in paths that would collide in four positions. These positions were symmetrical, and it turns out just the right distance apart to create inter dimensional harmonics. We didn't know that back then, that's why it happened.

So it made a crap acronym, but what it did make though, and make very well - was the very first inter-dimension signal. Like a flashlight turned on in a moonless field.

Those four symmetrical consistent colliding beams of particles set up harmonics between the dimensions. Gravity waves were detected, heat, light, we even detected wobbles in time.

Also something else... a signal coming out of the collisions, detected by the hardware that was watching the expected disintegration of matter. It was a regular signal, like a sonar would make. A sonar that was focussed on a point of interest.

We don't know what will happen now, the facility has been shut down, well, the particle beam has anyway.

The collider's systems still sit and listen, scanning the 4 locations where we set off our inter-dimensional flares...

So far it's been blank except for an occasional passing neutrino.

We sit and monitor and hope - hope that the source of the sonar has moved on, that we are no longer a thing of interest.

We hope, it's all we have.

144 up votes, 33 down votes.

(I surprised myself. =D )
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Whips.... [Nov. 2nd, 2009|08:58 pm]
"The purpose of the review of the ACMD, ordered in secret last month, is to "satisfy ministers" that the body is "discharging the functions" that it was set up to deliver and that it still represents value for money to the public. It will also ensure that the drug experts are operating in line with their terms of reference."

They wanted an investigation a month ago to check rumours out that the DAB would not toe the party line. It looks like the rumours were correct - but the information sadly came too late.

If the professor hadn't gone public - I wonder what bribes/blackmail/whipping they would have used to silence the scientists?

I'm amazed something like this happened - it's normally so tightly policed! I hope lots of good can come from it, and indirectly from other mechanisms that are used to deceive the public.

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