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September 27th, 2009

Positive propaganda. [Sep. 27th, 2009|08:44 am]
I hate propaganda of any kind, either positive or negative.

Can people shed light on the following white paper? It seems to say that 10% of hospitalised schizophrenics go on to commit crime. 60% are violent crimes.

This appears to go against message boards declaring schizophrenics don't have a higher incident of violent offences in their population than in the population at large.

If this white paper is true - can people grow a pair and admit there's a problem with "care in the community"?

I know there are people with schizophrenia that read my blog - I'm not on a personal crusade to hate on you. What I am against is positive propaganda preventing these 6% from getting the treatment they need by cutting down hospital costs behind a façade of "care in the community".
These schizophrenics are people, and people who are getting a raw deal with treatment, a raw deal that - through no fault of theirs - is sending them to prison for violent crimes they could not control.

How about we don't ignore this problem, and get that 6% down to the general level in the population...?


Violence and criminality in patients with schizophrenia has been described in several studies but prediction of later criminal behavior is difficult.

We reviewed the national crime register for records of criminal offences committed by 1662 patients with schizophrenia treated between 1990 and 1995 in the Psychiatric Hospital of the University of Munich. Analyses were performed to determine predictors of later criminal behavior, and the psychopathological syndrome scales in the Association for Methodology and Documentation in Psychiatry (AMDP) system were used to establish possible psychopathological characteristics for such behavior.


One hundred and sixty nine (10.2%) of the 1662 patients had been convicted in the 7–12 years after discharge, whereby male patients (117 of 685, 17.1%) outnumbered female patients ( 52 of 977, 5.3%) by more than 3 to 1. The rate of violent crimes was especially high: 62 (3.7%) patients were convicted for physical injury offences. Five cases of manslaughter or murder were recorded. AMDP syndrome scales were found to be predictive for later criminal offences. Significantly higher rates of criminal conviction and recidivism were found for patients with lack of insight at discharge. Analyses also showed a significantly higher risk of non-violent and violent crimes in patients with a hostility syndrome at admission and discharge. There was a significantly lower incidence of criminal behavior in subjects with a depressive syndrome.


Data indicate a significant rate of minor and serious physical injury offences in former inpatients with schizophrenia. Moreover, results identify risk factors for future non-violent and violent criminal behavior in patients with schizophrenia.
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Letter to Lily Allen [Sep. 27th, 2009|09:18 am]
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Full UK postcode location file turns up on Wikileaks: 1.8 million records [Sep. 27th, 2009|01:37 pm]
Get em while they're hot:


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