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September 19th, 2009

Please - follow the Bible! [Sep. 19th, 2009|07:29 am]
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For some reason there were far less stupid drivers back then. [Sep. 19th, 2009|08:30 am]

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Harder than I thought! [Sep. 19th, 2009|09:29 am]
When I was young and Naive (I'm just naive now), I thought a "Bootable CD" was just an Autoboot CD - you know some files on it like IO.SYS and the like.

Nope - not at all, you have to fiddle with the details stored in the first sector of the CD. The format's called "El Torito", and you'll get loads of results if you look for it.

Multi-session CD's (because they can't physically delete stuff) write new versions of all the files every time you re-burn them, hiding all the "deleted" files, and burning new ones on to the CD. Because of this, you can't make a Bootable multi-session CD. They get in the way of the Boot sector!

So, I give you ....

How to make a bootable CD ROM from scratch:

Has anyone found a way of making ANY newly burnt CD bootable in Nero or the likes?
I mean a single "Tick" in the settings, NOT a sector copy from a Floppy or similar.
I've not looked hard, but the last time I tried I was foiled quite badly!
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