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August 31st, 2009

Why my work desk is full of cards and chocolate... [Aug. 31st, 2009|07:22 am]
I found that the power wielded in the tech-support part of my job is immense.

I'm the first/second/third line support (+ OMG I'M GOING TO GET SACKED HEEEEEEEELP support of the technically incompetent who's just deleted their bosses, bosses, bosses report to the MD.)
So if the call needs escalating - um, I'm doing that call too.
There's no technical support above me.

My power comes from doing all aspects of tec-support and everyone thinking they have the most urgent call in the world - because of that, I get to prioritise them myself.

So if someone's being bitchy, my other super urgent requests have to be done first, and theirs slips down the queue while we're talking...

"I need it fixing NOW asswipe!"

"Hmmm, ok, but I've got a few calls to do before yours."

"But this is URGENT!"

"They are too."

"Listen here jackass, get my problem fixed now!"

"Um, a calls come in from our MD, looks like I'll be doing it for quite awhile, it's a biggie." (MD has asked how to open IE, or something else small and simple. =D ).

"I want second line tec-support NOW, it's obvious you're too busy (spits down phone)."

"I'll just put you through, hold on please."

A small wait while I eat some chocolate out of my big pile.

"Hello, second line support speaking."

"You again!?"

"Yes, I'm second, third and emergency tec-support - in fact I'm the only one taking calls today."

A cold prickly ice-water feeling slides down their neck as they realise just what the situation is, and their hands go cold as they play over the conversation.

"Oh,um... sorry about snapping."

"It's quite alright."

"I'll give you my first born if you help me out here, and do it fairly soon?"

"Chocolate's fine"

"OK, 20KG bar of choccy coming your way."

"Thanks! I'll be down in a moment."
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