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July 10th, 2009

Yay! [Jul. 10th, 2009|06:41 am]
Gums all healed - but I've only lost an extra pound of weight. (2.2KG's)
Not bad though!
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Swine flu's come to the UK. [Jul. 10th, 2009|08:26 pm]

"The number of people known to have died after contracting swine flu has doubled in three days. Fourteen people have died in Britain after testing positive for the H1N1 virus.

London and the West Midlands have emerged as hotspots after a marked rise in the number of suspected cases this week.

In England and Wales, 27,000 people contacted their GP about “flu-like illness” in a single week, the latest figures suggest. It is estimated that, of these, 8,000 would have swine flu.

The Health Protection Agency also disclosed that at least 335 people were having hospital treatment for serious infections, of whom 43 were receiving “critical care” as of yesterday. Sixty of those in hospital were aged under 5, and 47 were aged between 5 and 15. There were 189 aged between 16 and 64, and only 39 over 65."


First 'healthy' swine flu death

"A patient in Essex has become the first person in the UK without underlying health problems to die of swine flu.

At the request of the patient's family no further details about the latest victim will be released by the health service. [Oh really? The family? Or the government? because he was a 35 year old healthy sports person perhaps? - Sarah]

BBC News health correspondent Branwen Jeffreys said: "This was someone with no previous health problems, but not perhaps surprising. "

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