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June 30th, 2009

How To Tie A "Merovingian Knot" (Video) [Jun. 30th, 2009|06:38 am]

More formally known as the Ediety knot, this one stands out really quite well.

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New mystery life-forms [Jun. 30th, 2009|11:52 pm]

" I'm having a huge issue with connecting it to bryozoa. I've photographed bryozoa in sewers during urban exploration.

I know certain sewer slimes can propel themselves slowly, but I've never seen anything like this - quick and well coordinated reaction to light, using what look like (muscle?) fibers.

Youtube videos of bryozoa, found all over the comments, show an organism that is like solid jelly and moves at a microscopic scale.

Problem is that this thing convulses.

Bryozoa, even the fastest colonies, do not convulse. You'd have to sit still to see them moving, like watching shadows move during sunset. "

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TcKpx2DxGwY&feature=player_embedded << Bigger

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