June 26th, 2009

Hungry snail!


I've not had a headache for years. Yesterday, I got one - it lasted all day, and then kept me awake last night. I was ok when I first went to bed, till about 1:00am, and then had to shoot out of the bed and go hunting for tablets. I started feeling hot, it was hurting so much. I drank a cup and a half of water too.

I've still got it now, ouch.

I need some advice, because...

1: I ran into a thin, 2 inch steal pipe on Monday, and rebounded off quite well, it was mostly a glancing blow. =)
2: I only drank 3 cups of coffee yesterday.
3: I got a crisp stuck in-between my gum and back tooth on Tuesday. It pulled some gum off! To hook it out I used my finger - and it got infected. My *face* skin got sore and the edges have been moving away from my cheek ever since. The original spot of pain on the skin has gone. (My lymph node got painful)

So, I think my head hurts because:

1: I ran into a pipe Monday.
2: I'd dehydrated.
3: It's a random bad headache - no reason.
4: Cancer of the Brain.
5: My gum infection/bacterial toxins travelled to my head where it's hurting the inside of my skull case. (Thankfully the brain's insulated from germs and toxins!)

Any thoughts?