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June 13th, 2009

Why My Vasectomy Will Help Save the Earth's Resources [Jun. 13th, 2009|06:46 am]
"Last year, I became castrated impotent sterile. That is, I had a vasectomy. While it's actually a very common procedure (nearly 500,000 are performed every year in the US), it raises eyebrows -- and a lot of questions.

The first one is always simply: Why?

Although this was a very personal decision for me, it was also a choice I made out of larger societal, political, and environmental motivations. I consider ......."



(When we get a new cat baby - I'm going to bring it up green. =D )
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When I was 11... [Jun. 13th, 2009|06:49 am]
My primary school requested a psych to come in and assess my squidgy brain.
Apparently I was odd - I liked reading and stuff too much.

The psych came and took me into a little office the staff used and asked me some daft questions. They left, and then later my mum got a letter.

It said "blah, blah, blah.... superior intellect... blah, blah, blah...."

I've forgotten the name of that scale, but I looked it up once - an IQ of around 130. Not bad. 1 in 100 I think - it's not special though, the high streets full of people with that IQ.

From that point onwards I was expected to do really well. I think I let a lot of people down when I didn't.
I scrapped through high school with 5 A-C grades in GCSE's. The other 4 were D's.
I miserably failed my A levels. 1 A level in computer science - the subject I was supposed to excel in, I barely passed with a C! I dropped out of Law, and wasn't allowed to sit Chemistry because my mock exam mark was so low.
I dropped out of academia into a data inputting job as I was unable to get into a University. After 3 years, I got myself into a University that was kind enough to accept my crap academic performance, and I managed to get a 2-1. Average. To my own credit though, I screwed up a couple of units that would have given me a first, so I know I had the potential at least.

I've found an ace job - it doesn't really pay much, a little more than a graduates expected starting salary - but I don't want to climb the greasy "career ladder", I don't want to manage anyone, and the first, second, and third line support really add a bit of variety to the programming. I think I'd go mad just programming 8 hours a day - or spend all my time on Reddit and Digg!

So, I have a profession, and not a career - but I'm happy doing it!

In my case at least, being intelligent when I was little had no effect on how "successful" I've been, or reflected my academic performance at all. That's why I think all these new STAT's and examinations when kids are 12 or younger is a waste of time at best, or at worse - giving kids expectations about how they will perform for the rest of their lives.
People thought I'd end up in Oxford or Cambridge, ace all my exams, end up in a 100K a year job... but I turned out to be just average. I'm happy with what I've done - academically and professionally uninspiring as it is.
It would have saved everyone a lot of disappointment, and me a lot of stress if I'd never had that test in primary school.
When I was in primary school, exams weren't mainstream, I was picked out for it.
But now they've gone mandatory for all under 12's - I hope they scrap under 12's exams soon.
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LASEK eye surgery - can also give bad halos. [Jun. 13th, 2009|04:24 pm]
The eye operation:

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Why so many comments!? [Jun. 13th, 2009|07:27 pm]
On rape and men (Oh yes, I'm going there)
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Talk to strangers! [Jun. 13th, 2009|07:34 pm]

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Eeek! [Jun. 13th, 2009|11:43 pm]
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The most beautiful words... phonoaesthetics [Jun. 13th, 2009|11:55 pm]
"Cellar door" has nothing on "Fetid mimsey".

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