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May 27th, 2009

Surfing gone very wrong. [May. 27th, 2009|07:14 am]
I only regret a few things in my life, which is good going for my 32 years.
Last night though, I added another regret to the list.

I'm a great fan of shock-pages on the internet, as you no doubt know. They involve people doing outrageous things, sick things, sometimes dangerous things. But there's always been consent. Those guys on a shock video leaked from BME (body modification extreme) where modifying themselves gruesomely, but through their own volition.

After I posted 1 guy 1 jar last night, I continued looking around pages nearby, out of curiosity to see if anything new came up.
I found a link about 12 months old called 3 guys 1 hammer. I thought it was just another BME video, possibly involving crotches and possibly nails, and a small nut-hammer. That sort of thing is quite tame for shock videos. So without much thought, and mostly just to add another shock-video notch on my wall I opened the link.

I was watching for awhile and thought, "This is fake". there's no way on this planet the scenes of horror and cruelty on the screen was real. I won't go into it, it's not necessary.

I actually got cold hands and felt sick after I'd seen it and realised what I just witnessed was possibly a brutal murder recorded on one of two killers mobile phones.

A fucking snuff film.

I couldn't believe it - I googled around, praying that it was a convincing hoax.
I found out it wasn't a hoax. I'd just watched the Dnepropetrovsk Maniacs (Днепропетровские Маньяки) brutally murder 48-year-old Sergei Yatzenko.

The wiki article about this outrage is here (no video[I wouldn't link to it anyway], but the history of the affair):

When I realised what it was I'd just seen I felt really fucking physically sick and ill, excuse the swearing, but it's really disturbed me - badly. I feel, dirtied. I regret clicking that link completely

One thing it has done is made me reconsider corporal punishment. These two individuals (and an accomplice in the picture below), do not deserve to live. I never thought I'd say that either. But if you'd seen what I'd seen last night [don't], I think you'd change your mind. Having evil like this loose on the planet benefits no one.

So, how do I get over being severely disturbed? I regret clicking that link last night completely, and it's really shook me up.
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