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May 10th, 2009

MP's are scared - for staying within the rules? [May. 10th, 2009|08:21 am]
When a mole shows everyone your dirty laundry - no wonder they're scared:

The MP acted after his office raised a series of questions with the fees office about expense claims dating back to 2004. Within an hour of this conversation, the MP's staff were contacted by the Daily Telegraph which then asked questions covering exactly the same area. The MP told the Guardian: "It was uncanny. There is something horrible going on. I have never been so frightened. What is happening is disgusting."

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I have this popup book! It is ace! [May. 10th, 2009|08:24 am]

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Chatrooms - bigger me - the experiment. [May. 10th, 2009|09:06 am]
Bigger me - the experiment - nude back pictureCollapse )

I have been chatting in some (adult - hence the pic) chatrooms - and got lots of people chatting to me, both girls and boys.

I then changed my profile pic to the one in the cut - the conversations were shorter, and I had fewer of them.

How rude of people.

I will be keeping this profile picture.
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Don't be scared about Big Brother. [May. 10th, 2009|09:41 am]
When everyone has a cameraphone, or better yet , a videophone at a rally - they can upload the video anywhere in the world, to the web - where millions of people can see. No police brutality will go hidden, and the people will be free by the same technology used against our privacy.

Big brother has no power on us...

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Ooooooo..... [May. 10th, 2009|11:57 am]
One night, a girl’s parents left her and her dog alone at their house. They promised to be back later that night, but not to wait up for them. It might be a little late when they got home.

The girl, thinking this was nothing unusual (which is wasn’t) because her parents left her alone a lot called some friends on the phone and spent some time with her dog, which she loved very much.

Well, it got pretty late, so she went on to bed. Every once in a while though, she would stick her hand under her bed (where her dog slept) and get him to lick her hand just to let her know he was still there and she wasn’t completely alone.

It got later, and the girl couldn’t sleep well. She kept hearing strange noises, but then, she would stick her hand under her bed, and her dog would lick her hand and she thought everything was okay.

Well, finally the noises got more intense, and she decided to check it out. She followed the noises to her basement and when she did, she found her dog dead. Sad, mad, and very confused she ran back to her room. She knew her dog had just licked her hand, and she never heard him leave. Now what was going on here?

When she went back into her room she found written on her mirror, "Humans lick too"

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Attention! [May. 10th, 2009|01:28 pm]
Please read this sentence aloud: Hello, Molly.

If you read it out loud as I instructed, you should be safe.

If you read it in your head… Molly is now safe, too.

Inside your head.
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We had to turn off our proxy server... [May. 10th, 2009|10:05 pm]
Daily visitors (not hits)...

Daily bandwidth...
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