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April 18th, 2009

Flexibility... [Apr. 18th, 2009|01:51 pm]
One of my earliest memories is someone coming into the house and getting me to do leg stretching exercises. I must have been around 5.
I remember having a toy set of traffic lights too - that must be where my love affair of all things gadgetry comes from.

Anyway, these exercises were to sort out my legs. My ham-strings where way too short - if I sat up, I could only get my legs half way straight before they'd tense up and pull the tendons behind my knee super tight.

I'm 32 now (I snook past my birthday a couple of weeks ago without many people noticing, phew), and I still have this same problem. No better, or worse.

I wonder what the problem is?

The next holiday from work I have I'll book some time to view my medical records - I bet they're full of surprises. Jodi tells me if I want to make copies of them that it's something like 30p a printout. I may ask if I can take my camera in, and photograph as many pages as I can - because I bet I can't download them to USB stick.

It's made me wonder what the fuss about "Flexibility" is. It's never stopped me cross country running, ice skating, swimming, badminton, though I would have lots of trouble with kick-boxing.
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