February 20th, 2009

Hungry snail!

Woman blinded by acid wants same fate for attacker

"Bahrami's demand has outraged some human rights activists. Criticizing acid-attack victims is almost unheard of, but some Internet bloggers have condemned Bahrami's decision.
"We cannot condone such cruel punishment," wrote one blogger. "To willingly inflict the same treatment on a person under court order is a violation of human rights." "

I disagree - your human rights are only rights till you ignore someone else's.
Bring on the acid!



Hungry snail!

"Lot's isn't good - lots more than someone else IS!" or "Brain-Scan Study Rewrites Economic Theory"

Trying to keep up with Joneses? Why is having “enough” never quite enough for those of us living in the “rat race” of urban ideals? In an interesting new study of how money motivates, brought to us by the University of Bonn, researchers discovered that humans don’t just want “more”—we want more in comparison to others. This relative sense of “more” appears to play a much larger role in motivation that previously suspected.

Hungry snail!

Police state - Public can no longer film the police.

A video of a cop shoving a cyclist - he might get up to 4 years in prison for falsifying evidence.
A good job there was a member of the public videoing him!


But wait - that's illegal in the UK.
We can't film the police anymore, so that above situation if it happened now in the UK?
The cyclist would be going to prison.

I can't wait for the first news report of people getting arrested for photographing the police.
How long do you think it will be?